The Band in Sound and Vision

We're back to being a trio but, so far have only one video and one audio clip to share where you can hear our current bassist. The videos you see here have been supplied by our fans (dare we say groupies?). Why not submit your own clip. We'd love to add it to the site. If you have one to offer where it can be downloaded.

We hope to add more material soon. You'll find we have a cunning plan! We offer only parts of songs as teasers to encourage you to come along to one of our gigs. Then you can hear complete songs!

You'd Better Watch Yourself

The first clip we have of the band playing with our new bassist, Steve Smith.

It comes to the last verse and Greg encourages the audience to join in, only to suddenly finish the song. There should have been a host of repeated "You'd better watch yourself" lines that normally complete the song!

Black Magic Woman

We don't have any video for this this number. Chris takes the vocals, Greg switches to slide and you'll realise that this was an encore number as Chris says good night to the audience at the end.

Worried Life Blues

Greg shows his age, revealing how he learnt the song and don't you just love the recovery Chris makes when Greg reminds him that the last verse is still to come. This clip was recorded when our bassist Gerry was still with us and he does wonders the first time out with his newly acquired fretless bass.

Stormy Monday

It's nearing the end of the set! Some of the audience are leaving and are given a cheery wave. Meanwhile the landlady has brought the band some food and there's concern that it's getting cold - but still the band plays on! Such professionals! Such temptation to abandon the number and go eat!

Singing The Blues

Here the whole band show their age by even remembering this hit from the 1950s. The first record that Greg was given as a Christmas present by his parents was "Handful of Songs" so he does have a soft spot for very early Tommy Steele. However, it was Chris that suggested this number for the repertoire!.

Key To The Highway

It's another song with half the verse missing at the start and the end is missing too - but as you'll see there's a story behind that!

In this rendition Greg explains a bit about the way the band plays the number and completely confuses Chris who stops before the end. Or is it that he just thinks Greg is rambling on too much and has got bored. More likely it the one shooting the video that is bored.

As you may have seen already Greg is quite likely to break into a song to explain its history or where he first heard it. It's part of the charm of Bar Room Blues.

That's your lot for now! We'll try to bring you a more recent collection as soon as we have something to share with you. Do take a look at our Gigs Page, to see when we may be at a pub or club near you!