The Band's Members

Chris Myatt-Jones

Chris Myatt-Jones

Chris is a self taught acoustic guitarist/singer. When a teenager in the 1960s he performed in local folk clubs both solo and with others. A brief skirmish into an electric band was followed by reverting back to acoustic but economics forced a rest from playing altogether for about 25 years.

Since the late 1990’s Chris has performed guitar and lead vocals in several bands including "Ryedale Acoustic", "Samwell Jones" (pop/rock/blues covers), "Safety In Numbers Blues Band" (gigs plus hosting monthly blues club/jam) and "Friday Night Konspiracy" (10 piece soul and funk as guitarist). In addition Chris has continued solo performances but also as duo with drummer/ percussionist Jude Eames (as IMNER).

Whilst enjoying many genres, blues has always been his favourite. Since moving to Norfolk in 2017, besides Bar Room Blues he also plays in a more electric 4 piece blues/rock band "Diamond Geezers".

Influences include John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Rolling Stones, Joe Cocker, The Animals, Eric Clapton, Chuck Berry and many more!

Greg Chapman

Greg Chapman

Greg's musical career started in Folk clubs in the 1960s. The first three he played at all closed down within a month. Things have improved since then.

While living near Kings Lynn in the 1970s Greg formed a one man band that featured folk, skiffle and blues in the repertoire. The band had a six month weekly residency at The Castle in Downham Market, and played as the main guest at folk clubs across Norfolk, Cambridge and Lincolnshire. Some say the band broke up because of musical differences, but now, in his more senior moments, Greg finds it's more than the band that broke up.

Greg was a founder member of the Muddy Broad Blues Band that from 2012 had a residency at the Pleasure Boat Inn, Hickling. After six years he left when the leader decided to expand the repertoire beyond blues.

Greg's been known to say that for him music stopped in about 1972, so when he introduces a number you're more likely to hear who recorded in back in the 1940s than who had a hit with it more recently and by that we mean within the last 40 years!

These days, in Bar Room Blues, apart from harp and taking turns on lead vocals, he limits himself to playing slide guitar. Corner him at a party and he could pick up guitar, dobro, cajon, bongos, siren and kazoo, ukulele, 5 string banjo or washboard!

Steve Smith

Steve Smith

Steve started playing bass with friends early 1960s, when he lived in Manchester, eventually forming a band called the "Beez Neez". Later he joined another called the "Remo Five" who gigged seven nights nights a week, and appeared on the same bill as Brian Poole and the Tremeloes.

He then took an extended break from music, not playing between 1965 and 2019.

During the gap he came to Norfolk to run a pub for a couple of weeks to cover the landlord's holiday break, but ended up staying at the pub for a couple of years and making Norfolk his home.

Steve then returned to playing bass, joining "Out of Egypt", a Gospel band that mainly gigged in local schools and prisons. At much the same time he also teamed up with two musicians from his home village, Catfield, playing regular sessions at the local pub under the name "The Unusual Suspects".